In 2010, just two years after Polaroid announced they would stop their production, the Instagram application for photo sharing in social networks came along. The digital twin of instant photography seemed to mark the final change of the concept of photography as well as the notion of what is documentary. Choosing among the numerous filters, anyone is able to express their moment feelings and sensations of (photographic) time easily. The endless possibilities to manipulate the image have changed the way we see the world and, at the same time, our concept of reality.
In my work It’s not the viewpoint, it’s the view which comprises of four instant film photographs I aim to focus your attention back to the independent language of photography and its complex connection with reality. Adding graphical GPS coordinates, readable only from a position impossible for the viewer, I brings you back to the place – the exact moment, spot and surroundings, as well as to the photo as a document of the particular “there” and “then”. The place gives the view – and this is precisely what photography used to be about and what has been changed by the endless options for viewpoints, time settings and “real” fantasies of digital images. Here I bring you back into considering the relationships between the camera and the world once again.

Sofia Instalatation
Umeå Instalation